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Infected? (with pics)

This is the beer I fermented out, split and put half of it in a carboy to dry hop and the other half onto a pnd of homemade strawberry jam and half a pnd of blackberry jam. It looks kinda freaky to me. It’s been on the jam for a week and a half.

I see blackberry seeds and such up there in the krausen or infection lol. I can’t tell the difference.

No, I’ve not tasted it. Just wondered if this is normal when racking onto fruit. There were definitely be big pcs of fruit in both jams as they were both homemade and frozen. Then I thawed them and using a wide funnel I scooped the jam into the carboy. I hit everything with star san before beginning so if it is an infection I’d be surprised unless it came from the jam itself.

Thanks for looking.

Looking at the close up pictures again, most of the stuff floating looks like fruit chunks that were bleached by the fermentation process or something… maybe? :mrgreen:

It looks like it started a secondary fermentation. This would be likely since you just added more fermentables. Is there airlock activity?

Yes and no. That’s what I expected. I fermented the beer in a bucket for a week and a day. I then split that beer into two carboys. One I dry hopped, the other I racked onto the homemade jam. I expected a second fermentation, which is what I got, just seems to be slowing down and since I’ve never done a beer like this with Jam or even fruit in general, I didn’t know what to expect.

I guess I’ll just rack the beer out from under that crud if it’s still there in a couple days and bottle as usual. It’s been on second fermentation (on the Jam) for a week and a half now.

Thanks for the response Loopie!

No worries. I just brewed a american wheat after 2 weeks racked it to my secondary n which i had put 2lbs of raspberries. After it fermented again…i had the same end result as ypur pics do. I left it in the secondarysecondary for 10 days total then bottled. The beer was amazing. Your pics look like they are just ferment fruit mixed wit old krausen

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