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Induction Cooktop for Brewing

I bought a heat stick but it runs over 18amps and tripped a 20amp breaker. I’m going to wire up a dedicted circuit but in the meantime I purchased a $60 Max Burton 6000 1800W portable induction cooktop and gave it a run today. Brewed a 3.5gal batch of APA. Heated 5gal of water to mash temps, then boiled 4gal of wort. I used a SS kettle from Morewine that has a triple sandwich bottom that is magnetic so it works on the induction top. I insulated the kettle for better efficiency, and left the lid partially on to help with heating. It worked great. I brewed an APA with Pacific Jade hops for bittering and flavor, looking forward t trying this hop out.

im looking at induction cookers for brewing, dont have a place to use propane, and my microwave is mounted right over the stove and would leave only a few inches abpout a 8 gallon pot. With the burton did you have problems with the weight?? It seems like too much weight to me but i dont have many other options right now.

an 18 amp heat stick will need a 25 amp circuit. breakers are rated for 80% of their rating. good luck!

For whatever reason the induction cooktop works on my 20amp circuit, and works marginally to boil a 3-4gal batch. Still, when I put together a setup in the garage I’m going to run a 40amp circuit so I can use my electric element as an option.

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