Indoor ventilation w/ nat gas

Does anyone have experience with ventilation requirements for indoor nat gas brewing? I’m tempted to convert since I’m tired of lugging hot wort from the garage to the basement sink for cooling, etc. I could cut in a fan to basement wall just wondering if anyone has done this and results. I imagine you need it only for boil. Thanks.

May depend on what you are using for a burner perhaps.
Most kitchen Gas stoves have no ventilation at all, just run 4 burners and an oven for hours and hours or an entire day or so for Holidays.

But then again a gas furnace or gas hot water tank is vented.
I’m sure I have often burnt more gas with my stove in a day than the hot water tank burnt, so go figure?

I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t think a gas clothes dryer is vented either for the gas.
Yes, they are vented same as an electric dryer for the moist hot air blown out from the wet clothes, but as I recall last time I ripped one apart the burner heats an air chamber and the gas fumes do not actually flow into the clothes drum which is the only part vented to the outside.
But like I say been a pretty long time since I messed with a gas dryer.
I converted one to a Wood fired dryer a few years ago. Instead of using gas to heat air I just took the hot air from the wood burner. Worked pretty well in winter if we were heating the house when we needed to dry clothes LOL
Otherwise we use Electric dryer all the time.

All your residential natural gas appliances are required to be vented. If you plan on bringing in an appliance, maybe put it by your stove and turn on the hood vent.

I have my “brewroom” in my basement and use natural gas. Set it up that way when we built a new house 12 years ago or so. We have a walk out basement in the back, so there is a full size window I can open. I also have a vent fan mounted into the wall as well that blows outside. But, to be honest, I generally only have the window open about 6 inches and usually don’t turn on the vent fan. I have a carbon monoxide detector nearby and it has never gone off. Now, if I was in a totally enclosed basement - no windows, doors, vents . . . . I would be kind of worried about that. I have pretty good airflow through this room, air conditioning vent as well.

I do love being able to brew inside though - makes brew day so much more relaxing regardless of the time of year.

Beside needing ventilation and combustion air for burner related issues you will want to be sure and vent the moisture real well as in a fan pushing moist air to the outside.
I do not have a inside burner like you describe but I would be sure to have a shut-off valve accessible away from the burner (meaning one you can access without having to reach around the burner). Oh ya, maybe a ceiling material that will burn slow. :lol:

My $.02. :cheers:

Braufessor, I am drooling over the setup. Coooool. :cheers:

Thanks guys. That is one cool set up dude. I am going with the top tier system and nat gas. I also think moisture is the most important issue. I do have a basement door for fresh air. Last months BYO had some stuff but not much specifics. I’ll check Grainger for a hood.

Keep in mind if you add a vent fan in your basement be sure to allow for some intake air. It will help on two accounts, the venting out should be more efficient and also prevent CO from the water heater/gas furnace (when running) to vent as it is intended without needing to keep a door open.

Good Luck!
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i’m still drooling over Braufessor’s indoor setup. :lol: