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Indian Pale Lager

Anyone ever made one before? I know there are a few commercial examples available. Thinking I might give it a try.

I got one on tap right now. I probably didn’t thing through the recipe as I brewed this on a whim. Basically brewed a Chinook IPA with lager yeast and at lager temps. It is good and getting better all the time, but the chinook hops overwhelm any delicate nature of it being a lager. If I were going to do another, I would work toward a more balanced hop structure.

I think if I were to do it, I would just use White Labs WLP060 American Ale Blend. kinda the best of both worlds.

This blend celebrates the strengths of California - clean, neutral fermentation, and versatile usage. It adds two other strains that belong in the same “clean/neutral” flavor category. The additional strains create complexity to the finished beer, and will taste more lager-like than just WLP001. Hops flavors and bitterness are accentuated, but not to the extreme of WLP001. Slight sulfur will be produced during fermentation. Apparent attenuation: 72-80%. Flocculation: medium-high. Optimum temp: 68°-73° F

I think it has california lager yeast in it too. I just used it in a cream ale, and I picked up the lager flavors.

And david, we need to get together soon for a collaboration brew.

[quote=“560sdl”]…hops overwhelm any delicate nature of it being a lager.[/quote]My experience too. It really wasn’t worth the time and effort, might work a better with a British style pale.

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