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Independence day homebrew lottery-reviews starting on page 6

[quote=“Scott Miller”]I can’t win, but put my name on the send list.
Good luck all, free beer is the sweetest prize you could ever imagine.
Be warned: everyone is going to send their biggest, baddest beers to try and hurt you.
Actually, that should probably be in the rules.
Maybe it’s one of those “unwritten” beer lottery rules. :cheers: [/quote]

Haha, thats pretty funny because I know I sent you 2 big’uns. It just happened to be what I had on hand at the time. This winner will probably be getting some lighter hot weather beers from me, again because its what I have on hand.


I’ll try again, IN

Oh, heck. My self-consciousness on my own brews made me waffle, but eff all that. I am in.

i am in!

I never win anything… but I’m in! I enjoy sharing my beer.

Kinda how I feel about it! But one can hope. Either way. I love to share as wel!

My first beer lottery, I’M IN. But my two beers in primary wont be done until Independence day, is there real shame involved when sending local microbrews?!

I’m in! Mine might be local brews as well…i’ve sadly been low on the homebrew lately. I will be brewing in the next week or two but those wont be ready. Good luck!

I’m In.


I’m in

I hope I can allay my wife’s fears about getting beer in the mail from strangers. As a protective woman, the nature of the community and comraderie of homebrewers left her somewhat unmoved. Any tips?

I’m in!

You could rent a box at a ups location, if you were to win. That way your home address is not given out. Typically I will have things shipped to work.

She has nothing to worry about.
Besides, I can think of a lot worse ways to die than while drinking free homebrew. :wink:

OK…racking a batch this week, so I’m in. :cheers:

Drawing is tomorrow. Now is the time to sign up if you want to play.

And the winner is (insert drumroll)… :smiley:

Unfortunetaly, you did not register with the forum until after the lottery started. According to the rules you are inelgible to win. Be sure to enter the next lottery, but you are not required to send any homebrew to the winner.

[quote=“Baratone Brewer”]She has nothing to worry about.
Besides, I can think of a lot worse ways to die than while drinking free homebrew. :wink: [/quote]
I assumed you were just answering a question, and did not intend to sign up for the lottery. I know in the past you typically do not play.

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