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Increasing the ABV on a clone receipe

I have a clone receipe for a New Belgium Ranger. It is a parchal mash with 60 oz of American pale 2 row and 6 oz American Caramel Crystal 120 L. The rest of fermentables are 7 lb light DME and 4 lb of cane sugar. I would like to increase the ABV by a couple of points. Normally on kits in the past I would just add an extra 4 pounds DME and 2 pounds light brown sugar and was happy with the results. The only problem is I never knew what the kit was suppose to taste like to begin with. Being this is a clone to my favorite beer I don’t want to change the flavor a whole lot if I can help it. In this case is corn sugar any better to use then brown sugar? Any other suggestions?? Thanks

If it’s a clone of something you like brew it as is. I guess you can try to increase all the ingredients by the same % but not sure that would be the same but probably close

4 POUNDS of cane sugar? That seems a bit… high. That will certainly dry out the kit, but NB Ranger seems to have a bit of body to it, and I can’t imagine that adding that much cane sugar will approximate this beer.

Thanks guys however I am sorry I left one one important detail this receipe that I posted and the amount including what I generally add is all for a 10 gallon batch. Does that make the amount seem more reasonable or is it still high. To some extent my guestion is some where I read using brown sugar kind of lightens the beer from the extra DME I put in but I know it changer the flavor a bit. Should I just use more corn sugar instead. I want the flavor to be close. But that is kind of loose coming from me I don’t think I could taste small changes like many of you can.

I’m with Brew Cat by adding ALL the ingredients in a proportional manner… Just adding sugar, even 4#'s to 10 gallon will dry it abit too much, just as Pork Chop commented… Sneezles61

The 6.5% ABV on this beer isn’t enough?

If you want the beer to turn out like Ranger, but at a higher ABV all ingredients need to be added at proportional amounts.

6.5 is ok but the receipe is saying 5.24 however I perfer 7 to 7.5 percent but that is good to know. So you are saying I just increase the indegrdet amount equally into the same 10 gallon batch

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I didn’t put your recipe in a calculator. According to New Belgium’s website the beer should be 6.5%.

Here is the web page.

I’d look for a new recipe. I doubt new Belgian is using cane sugar. You mentioned kits, is this a kit? If so the kit may have been scaled down to make it affordable so no harm in scaling it back up. I don’t think its going to taste like Ranger anyway

No maybee I need to be careful of my terms it is just a receipe for a cloned beer.

I’ll bet you can find another recipe then that’s closer to 7%

Just get Beersmith plug your amounts in and adjust from there.

Thanks I did buy that program for my IPad but never could really make any sense of it. I will give it another look and see what I can figure out. However what info am I expecting to get from it. My original post was really just asking what kind of sugar needed to be added to increase the ABV with out changing the flavor drastically.

Neither. Anything you add will alter the recipe if you don’t add the other ingredients in equal amounts.

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