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Increasing ABV

Could use some input. It seems as if most stout recipes are a little low on ABV by design. It also looks like most of those kits are a little light on grains. I have read where higher ABV can be achieved by adding sugar etc. would the best solution be to up the grain bill using Beersmith By sliding the ABV slider to a higher level?
Is my thinking correct or ?

Sure, you can just increase your base malt in any recipe to bump up the ABV if desired. An extra pound or two is fine. It’s your beer. Do what you like. Change the recipe any way you want. Don’t even follow a specific recipe! Make up your own!

Adding sugar is one way, but it will try out the beer, adding grain is one way, but you may want to change your hop schedule or quantities. Another way is to add some light DME to it.

What I would do is punch the recipe into the software your using and increase everything proportionately except the water until you get the ABV you want. Or for that matter, buy the kit and use less water. Maybe 4.5 gal. You can use the software for that also.

a pound of light DME in a stout should give you a good gravity boost without throwing it out of balance. I wouldn’t try the same thing with other styles, necessarily.

Thanks for the ideas. I think the first test I wll use my beer smith and increase ingredient according to recipe. Not really experienced enough yet to do a build my own.

Kart racer … boy?

Wish! Long ago a boy:)

Had an all grain ready to brew and time to make it happen, so I added 9.2% table sugar to boost alcohol. Starting gravity went to 105.7. Guess we will see how it turns out. My first modification to a NB kit. Hope I didn’t make a mistake!

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