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Increasing ABV with DME

I brewed the NB 5 gallon Witbeer extract kit. I added 1lb of light DME with 10 minutes left in the hopes of increasing OG. My reading came back at 1.046. The kit instructions have an estimated OG of 1.044. Is this all 1lb of DME will typically increase OG, .002?

A pound of DME will add 44 gravity points per gallon. The pound of DME should have increased the estimated OG by 0.008 for 5 gallons. It most likely did if you added all the other fermentables and the volume in the fermentor was 5 gallons. When top off water is added to the fermentor It is difficult to get a thorough mix all of the sugars in the wort. Part of the wort will be light to sugars and another part heavier to sugars. The sample you drew may have been from part of the wort light to sugars.

The temperature of the hydrometer sample also has a role in the SG reading. A sample warmer than the calibration temperature of your hydrometer will result in a reading lower than the actual. You will need to add to or subtract from the SG showing on the hydrometer to get the estimated actual SG. Here is a temperature correction chart.

Hope this is of some help.

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Ahh yes that makes sense. I should have added .003 with temperature adjustment alone. Thanks again Flars. I owe you a few beers.

I check the gravity at the end of the intended mash period. If I find the gravity is low I add more grain and extend the mash another 30 minutes.

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