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Incorrect keg line setup?

I received a single keg system from NB and had trouble from the start. This is a draft brewer keg setup. So the draft lines came intact as did the keg with the posts. I could always easily slide the gray post on the in (gas), but always had to use superhuman strength to put the black coupler on the out post. This is my first keg and i thought maybe they are tight at first and wear in.
Tonight I sanitized everything and put my hefe in and discovered I could easily put the gray coupler on either post with no effort and that the black coupler easily fit on the “in” gas post. I decided to switch the couplers on the lines and continue from there. The black coupler on the “in” “gas” post and the gray coupler on the “liquid” “out” post. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it possible the wrong fittings were pre-assembled? I checked the couplers for leaking gas and haven’t observed any bubbles. Thoughts?

Exactly why I went to pin locks, way more simpler fer me. Sneezles61

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Had the same issue first keg i ever had. Now use slimline beerkegs. Think they call them. Sankey kegs. Only one keg coupler. Works perfect. Downfall once closed. And carbonated. Thats it. Got to wait to open. Once they are empty. And price wise. Way cheaper than a corney keg

If the dip tube is on the out side your not going to be able to pull anything out of the keg from the in side. Could let pressure out of keg and look into to see.

This past spring, when I got my first ball lock system, I had a couple problems too.

First, despite the lines coming “pre-assembled” the MFL connectors were were tight, but not really tightened.
Second, the gas lines did not have nylon washers. (The kit included them, but they were not in place.)
Third, I did not realize about pulling up the ring when pushing down the connector, so connections were nearly impossible to make.

When I finally got my lines connected, the MFLs squirted and hissed. I even broke a gas connector. I was like, “Oh sh*t, what have I dropped all this money on?!”

Luckily that first keg was just filled with water to test the system. Once I learned, I haven’t had trouble since.

Grey is gas, black is liquid.

Sounds like your posts may have been installed incorrectly on the keg. They can be distinguished by a horizontal notch around the base of the gas post – liquid posts do not have this notch.

Sometimes the bigger 7/8" gas post will have a star or 12 point nut on it which also helps identify it, while the smaller post will have an 11/16" six point. Your dip tubes are obviously in the correct position, ‘in’ vs ‘out’ if it’s working ok.

You could just switch the QDs as you did but I’d switch the posts so you always have grey on gas and black on liquid. That way you don’t get things confused as you add more kegs.

I agree with @dannyboy58

Either the posts were swapped, or you have two gas posts. As he pointed out, you can tell the difference between the two by the horizontal notch in the wrench flats. If both posts have the notch, you have two gas posts.

Call up NB. They’ll make it right.

Im with danyboy and voltron. Talk to NB and they will help you out. Sounds like there was some sort of mixup or mis-communication. I use both types of kegs on a regular basis.

Anytime I have a question or an issue NB has helped me out immediately, no questions asked and they are willing to teach along the way… I would go that route.

I did check the posts and they were indeed backwards. I didn’t know about the notches since the posts are identical besides the notches. But I just got a new keg from another site and it has notches as well as a regular and “star” nut on the gas in line which is helpful. Thank you everyone!

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Fixed that for ya…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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