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Incomplete Fermentation

First Batch! I am brewing Irish Red Ale and I think I didn’t let it sit in the primary fermenter long enough. Looking through the instructions and videos it indicates primary fermentation is complete when the foam cap disappears and the bubbling stops - usually 1 to 2 weeks. Well, after about 4 days it looked complete, let it set another day and then transferred it to the secondary fermenter. The temperature has been about 64-65F. Smelled like beer during the transfer. The question is, should I add more yeast or just let it set longer or what? Thanks for any advice. Looking forward to tasting my first home brew.

You sort of rushed it. The yeast like the time after fermentation to clean up after themselves. No problem, just let the beer sit in the secondary and do its thing for a week or two and then bottle.

Next time, I recommend waiting two weeks before transferring the beer.

Thanks for the quick reply. So no yeast, just let it set for a couple of weeks in the secondary, got it.

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