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Inactive yeast

I brewed an oatmeal stout on Saturday 1/3/15 NO action what so ever. The temp was around 67 degrees when I added the yeast. Bad yeast? I ordered another yeast packet, it should be to me by this Thursday 1/8/15. Hoping this won’t be an issue.

When you say “no action” what do you mean? No bubbles in the airlock or no visible krausen?

Airlock is completely dead but that’s not my main concern as air could be escaping somewhere. I candled the fermenting bucket and did notice a slight ring above the wort (could be from fermentation??) I did peek inside the bucket didn’t see any signs of activity.

The slight ring could be from fermentation. what temp was the wort when you pitched the yeast?

EDIT: sorry didnt re-read the original post. 67 shouldn’t cause a very fast fermentation. Have you taken a gravity reading?

67 degrees

Did you take a gravity reading?

like a jackass…no

I’d check it now and see what it’s at. Post back here with your results.

Will do tonight.

If the first one was a bust that long of a wait to pitch another could be a big problem. A good reason to always have a pack or two of dry yeast on hand,
What yeast did you use? liquid? with or without a starter? dry? rehydrate?

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