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In need of store bought aj recipe

im in need of a recipe useing store bought apple juicei cannot find any cider this time of year.any recipe would be appreciated.thanks in advance. :cheers:

Find some juice you like the taste of that doesn’t have preservatives and add yeast.

do you know what the abv% would be if i was to add cider yeast to motts aj? ... er-103366/

This thread has a couple recipes.

I’m going to guess that a “ready to drink” apple juice is not real high in sugars. Maybe in the 1.030 range.

You can do a little experimenting. Take an reading on the apple juice. Add a can of concentrate.

Or just use all concentrate.

Motts is 28g sugar per 8oz. My math puts this at 122 g/L or 1.043 sg.

I did the plain apple juice + wine yeast experiment. Brand was “Simply Apple”. It was around 6% alcohol and I sweetened at the end. It was too plain though. One taster thought I had brought them a glass of apple juice by mistake. I wouldn’t recommend it.

I had better results with Ed Wort’s Apfelwein. Add some sugar to start so you get more alcohol. Then treat it like wine, sweeten at the end, and age for a few months. It tastes like an apple flavored wine. I also did a dry + carbonated version but it was too tart for my taste. I think it needs better juice to start with.

I’ve made one batch of cider and this sums up my approach pretty well. I used 10 two-quart bottles of Kroger “100% natural apple juice” ($1.99 each) and White Labs English Cider yeast (WLP775). OG was 1.048 and FG was 1.004 for about 5.75% ABV.

Based on my vast cider-making experience, I’d say this turned out pretty well. It’s very dry – I didn’t sweeten it, just put it in the keg and force-carbed it – and drinkable. I just made it as a baseline to see what the most basic approach would be like. With this yeast, it was pretty good. I’m sure it would be even better if I’d started with better juice / cider.

My batches were with wine yeast and they finished in the low .990’s. I might try that cider yeast next time.

Just got done at the store.I picked up 4 gallons of motts %100 apple juice and 4 12oz things of seneca frozen %100 apple juice concentrate.Oh yea and White labs english cider yeast wlp775.

I plan on not adding water to the concentrate just putting it right into the juice and pitching the yeast.Im interested to see what the og is going to be.

Wish me luck my last and only cider experience was no good.but i added tons of sugar and dried it out.

I pitched the yeast 11 hours ago and there is very little airlock activity if any yet.Im not very concerned im sure it is fine.I am posting this reply incase any1 is interested in the og of motts aj and that of motts aj with the frozen concentrate.

Motts aj was 1.050
4 gal of motts aj with 4 12oz cans of concentrate was 1.064

Thanks for the updates Rand. Good to have some real world numbers.

I’ve got some other numbers to add. These are both refrigerated products

Simply Apple 1.046sg
Florida Natural 1.050sg

I used the same juicve and yeast, but with a few additional items. I added 4lbs of kroger brand sugar, and my O.G. was about 1.083. And im pretty sure there was still sugar on the bottom. I couldnt mix it very well since I didnt have the tools(im making it in my dorm room). Also I used yeast nutrient, although im not sure i used enough.

HOwever, i mixed the whole batch over 24 hours ago, and there hasnt been any activity in my airlock. Did i do something wrong> or is the high OG just the problem? More nutrient? yeast energizer?

This is my first batch ever, so any advice would be great.

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