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In-line aquarium chillers

Anyone using an in-line aquarium chiller for fermentation temp control? I’ve used a small one for a few years to maintain temps in meads. But, I have a chance to bid on a couple of very high end chillers that will go for cheap(dirt cheap). If you are using a large high output chiller, What are you using a fermentation chamber or a insulated jacketed design?

I have a Brewhemoth conical with the lid that has a built-in stainless steel coil for temp control. I tried to cool a ferm with a half-a$$ed version of what you’re talking about and quickly figured out that I would need to insulate the fermentor to have any effect at all. I wish I had one of those things, I think it would be the perfect way to control ferm temps in my fermentor. I think you’d do better to chill the wort with a coil rather than trying to wrap a coil around the fermentor.

If you get an extra one that you don’t need, give me a holler. Might be something worth a road trip to pick up.

I use a SS coil setup with my existing in-line aquarium chiller. Just figured that people were using a different route for these larger chillers. I think I’m going to be bidding on these, I expect them to go for 1/10th or less of the original price.
We’ll see how it goes, but I’ll keep you in mind.

Yeah you really don’t need too large of a chiller to pull out the heat of fermentation, I suppose with a large one you could do lagers but you’d definitely have to insulate the fermentor.

These are pretty big. They pull 600 watts and run off of 220V.
[attachment=0]Chiller pump 3-1.jpg[/attachment]

Yikes that bigger than the engine in my Prius.

Well, looks like I missed out on these. :frowning: Silent auction and I was out bid by $100. Might have a chance to bid on a couple more coming up in a few months and hope to walk away with them then.

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