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In-Keg Carbonation

I know I’ve seen this posted before, but if I want to carbonate a keg with priming sugar, how much should I use? I was planning on going with 1/2 the usual amount. I normally force carbonate the slow way, but I have Dead Ringer hooked up to the CO2 at the moment.

Rule of thumb I often see posted is 1/2 the amount if you were to bottle. I usually back of that a bit since a few beers have ended up over carbed which is a PIA to correct thus I use ~1/3 of what I’d prime bottles with. Lots of times that leaves the beer a bit undercarbed but after few days of being under pressure on tap it ends up where I want it.

I use BeerSmith and kegging with priming sugar is almost always 2 oz for 5 gallons. Release the pressure before hooking up the gas.

Thanks! I’d rather have a little under-carbonation as well, so I’m going with 1/3.

get a second 2.5# or 5# cylinder and a regulator for situations like this. It will happen again!

I use 1/2 cup corn sugar when priming a keg.

I attempted to carbonate with corn sugar in my 5 gallon keg last weekend and for some reason it did not take and now my beer tastes like a tootsie roll. Temperature is within the correct range, and fermentation did not get stuck during the primary. Can I pitch some new yeast to see if that fixes the problem?

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