In a jam and need some advice

I got a belgian white in my secondary. gravity hasnt changed in a week. it’s right were its supposed to be, 1.016. sampled the beaker and didnt like the taste. real sour. should i bother bottling it or just call it a loss? i have an awesome all simcoe that will need to be racked in about a week. dont wanna waste all my time botting if this beer is gonna taste like shit. thanks guys. i always trust your opinions.

Id never dump a beer unless it was horrible and clearly infected. Ive had a few i thought were crap and after another week or two in the bottle they became good. I dont like belgian beers because of all the funky clovey bannana flavors that make them what they are, what yeast did you use is sourness a characteristic? Do you like other belgian white beers?

i used a t-58 dry yeast pack. it doesnt smell sour just tasted kinda sour. i mean, it could be that its flat and warm. it’s been quite a while since i’ve had a white. i usually only brew/drink hoppy ipas. i just brewed this as an extra. i guess i’ll go ahead and bottle it next week and see how it turns out.

If you’re really lucky you might have just ended up with some bugs in it. If that’s the case you could just leave it alone for a year :smiley:

Unless your recipe had a fair amount of extract in it, you’re FG is a bit high for the style. Might benefit from a good yeast rousing and a temp increase, see if the yeast will kick back in again.

Wait at least another week then bottle. It’s really tough to get a good idea of a beers flavor when it’s young, flat, and warm.

I don’t know T-58, but belgian wit’s are supposed to be a little tart.

1.016 isn’t an awful final gravity for an extract batch, and rousing the yeast isn’t going to do much since its already in secondary. Might have got better attenuation had it been left in primary longer but that ship has sailed.

Another week wouldn’t hurt, but don’t go too crazy with the aging, wits are best young.

My vote, bottle it. You may like it better once its carbed up. I wouldn’t dump it, sounds like a case of just not liking that style of beer to me, but maybe one of your buddies does. Or maybe you will after you’ve already had a few. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Nate42”]1.016 isn’t an awful final gravity for an extract batch, and rousing the yeast isn’t going to do much since its already in secondary.[/quote]Didn’t catch the secondary part, but yeah, guess the OP is stuck with it at this point. Which is why I urge people to not transfer prematurely and lose their biggest stick in fixing the beer.