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Imperial yeast strain G03 Dieter

Does anyone have any experience brewing with this strain? I made a kolsch last saturday and I smelled the airlock last night and I am getting a banana aroma. Just wondering if this is somewhat normal for the strain. This is my first time using imperial and they claim it is direct pitch so I didn’t use a starter.

I used the Gnome strain… It worked well for me. Sneezles61

Yeh, my homebrew shop owner swears by it. I’ll have to see how it goes. Hoping the banana character fades since it’s only been a week. I’m wondering if the fermentation got too cold too quickly. I also got the A10 darkness by them as well to make a dry stout. We shall see.

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I know have 5 different yeast strains in my fridge… I just need more time to brew. Sneezles61

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