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Imperial Stout, "No carbonation yet"

Hi all,
I brewed an Imperial stout with a ABV of 10.2. I primed the 5 gallon batch with 6 ounces of maple syrup, this was a little more than the brewers calculator said to use. The bottles have been conditioning for two months and no carbonation has started yet.


What temp are they sitting at? How long did you age the beer? Did you add yeast at bottling?

they are stored at 67 to 70 degrees. they have been conditioning for a little over two months, and no I didn’t add yeast at bottling.
Someone said I should keep the at least 70 degrees to carbonate.

Some of the other forums suggested:
Adding yeast and recapping,
Giving it six months to carbonate due to the high 10.2 ABV
I’m going to move the beer to a warmer place and give it another month. If their still flat I’m going to put my beer in a keg and order a beer gun that way it will be carbonated and I can bottle a few to give away.

The simplest first is the best. A little warmer and more time is a good idea. Less chance of oxidation keeping the bottles capped for now.

I had a Triple (10% abv) that I was worried about not carbing up. Now 3ish months later it is nice and bubbly. I’m currently sitting on a W0ot Stout that finished around 13% and also refuses to carb. So this time I won’t worry about it until the fall when I will want to start drinking a stout.

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