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Impatient Boil

I tried to brew a 5 gallon all extract kit on Saturday. I ran into a problem because my son had to go to a game and I only boiled the wart for about 40 minutes. How much of a problem is this? I racked it into a carboy and had a blow out the next morning so the yeast is working. Quite the brown mess.

Well, you made beer. Hop extraction won’t be what the kit was designed for, but it is now what it is. Wht kind of kit was it btw?

It was a blond ale with only one oz of hops. I didn’t get the usual sluge at the bottom of the kettle so it all went into the carboy – hops and all.

That shouldn’t be an issue, but like fightdman said the shorter boil time means you’ll get less bittering from the hops, assuming all else goes well you should end up with drinkable beer at the very least probably just a bit less bitter tasting than intended.

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