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Immersion chiller in/out

To make a short story long and boring,
I’m looking at my chiller which I’ve used probably 75+ times,
And the way I have it set up so the out tubing goes out the window and puts the water back into my cistern.
In on the left comes across the room from a utility sink, out on the right back to the well. Simple hookup so lines don’t get tangled, straight shots.
So the way I have water going in its going to the bottom first and coiling back up.
Would it be more effecient to have it run to the top coil down? IE faster?
Would that help the wort naturally convection by cooling the hotter wort up top first making it try to sink into the wort below?
I already stir like a mofo when it cools some,
Just wonder if I have this hooked up the best way.

I would say cool water to the top first, this would make for continuously cooler wort on top, in theory. That means warmer wort on bottom, and heat rises, so it will want to naturally come to the top. You are also saying that you stir like a mofo, so at that point it doesnt really matter!

Guessing that a “mofo” stirs quite quickly, so might want to stir normally so not to introduce excess air into the cooling wort.

Other than that as long as you have circulation I don’t think you’ll see a difference.

Sympathies to the mothers involved in previous efforts.

I run my cold input top to bottom on the theory that heat rises in the kettle. But I have no evidence to show if it actually makes a difference.

Thanks guys.
I’m sure on the next brew I’ll switch em around and see what happens.
That was my theory, that the hotter wort would be near the surface and therefor thats where the cold should go first.
I probably was’nt always running it " wrong ", but in the current setup, I’m sure it’s been that way for years.
I’ll give it a shot anyways.

Won’t make any difference compared to keeping the hot wort moving across the IC.


+1[/quote]+2. I’ve done it both ways and I could not tell a difference. Keep the wort circulating and it cools faster.

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