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I'm pretty excited for this batch

My first four batches were done at my buddies where I couldn’t really monitor, etc. Right now though I have NB 90 Shilling burbling away at 62F in a swamp cooler. This is my first controlled fermentation temp and really hoping I don’t get the same off flavors as my others. A question about “light struck”: I have a black tee shirt covering all but the neck and it is in the shady corner of the room. This ok or should I completely cover the whole thing? Thanks!

I always use buckets for fermenting because it’s so much easier to harvest yeast and clean, but for carboys I usually just use a garbage bag to cover the whole thing.

I would say you are ok if it isn’t in direct light and the shirt isn’t old and crusty and thin. I use a big beach towel when I don’t use the freezer for fermentation.

Thanks! It’s happily chirping away and smells good even through the airlock.

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