I'm new to the brew

Hey, been lurking for a couple months, just brewed my third beer. I did a cream ale kit from my LHBS, it an extract with grains included. Did a full boil and hit all the temps and times right. frementing in an old frige set at 60*. it has the smell of fresh banana bread.I think it will be my best yet.

Third time’s a charm, right? Welcome to the brewing world! It’s a darn good place to be.


Wow - All grain on your 3rd brew? You are more adventurous than me.

^Looks like they are doing extract with specialty steeping grains to me.

Glad to see you have a temp controlled fridge right off the bat for fermenting. A good cream ale is nice to have around and the fermenting at a nice low temp for that style really helps

Yes extract with steeping grains, I’m trying to get every thing together to do all grain for the next brew. I bought the temp control when I picked up my brewing equip at the LHBS, filled the frigde with water bottles and had a constant temp going before I put my first attempt (kolsch kit) in to ferment.

Well, its been awhile since I updated. I’m now drinking brew #12 I call it sweet orange peel cream ale, turned out really good, I have done AG since the 4th brew a couple BIAB and and some w/ a MT dennybrew style.

Heres what I have learned so far, Brewing can be as hard, or as easy as you make it. You can get all carried away with numbers, temps, and equipment. Or you can keep it real simple with a thermomitor and a kitchen timer, have few HB’s while your brewing and not wright down, or test anything, Just hang out with a Buddy or two and have fun.

I read every thing I could find here and other sites, The brewing and recipe instructions from NB are the best. Use these as a basis for your own brew and you will make good beer.

Specialty grains, not all grains. I’m doing a creme ale tomorrow for the wife see if I can find one she likes.

I went through a search like that for my wife too. Stout and Wit were winners, but I didn’t hit the jackpot for her till I started making sparkling wines.