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Im looking for a good Belgian Pale Ale recipe

Like the title says im looking for a good one for the summer… I am going to start brewing some summer beers…
Easy drinking 5% to 6% alcohol range
20 to 30 IBU range…

I brew 5 gallons at a time and boil 2 gallons…
any one have any good recipes…
all other recipes are welcome…

this^^^ one from our host. it’s very nice.


The Phat Tyre kit is a very good Belgian pale ale. The name would suggest that it is a clone of New Belgium’s Fat Tire but it doesn’t taste anything like that if you use the suggested Belgian yeast. This kit has won me several medals in competitions when I enter it as a Belgian Pale Ale. I make the all grain version but it also comes as extract kit. ... n-kit.html

Looking forward to cracking one of mine open,
This weekend it will be 2 weeks in the bottle.
It was all belgian malts, pils, caramel pils and wheat. 10% sugar.
Fermented with Orval culture that I grew from 1 1/2 year old bottle.
FG was 1.010 when I dry hopped it with Halluertauer and Fuggles.
6%, probably could have gotten 1.005 if I would have upped the sugar to 20%
But I was trying to keep it on the refreshing side and hoping over time the brett will continue to chew some more of the sugars. We shall see.

You cannot go wrong with NB’s Lefse kit.

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