I'm convinced

that the gas I just hooked up in my new kegerator will leak and I’ll need a new cO2 tank by morning. Am I just being paranoid? I’ve used hose clamps on the gas lines and I’ve sprayed the connections with the pressure on with Star San solution, and don’t see anything.

How pronounced is the bubbling at 12 psi if there is a leak? Sorry if I’m being paranoid. I’d like to think I could get it right the first time, but…

If you are spraying with StarSan and not seeing any “bubbles”, bet you are good. It does not take much of a leak to create bubbles.

I do understand paranoia though, I usually spray it several times before I finally convince myself that all is OK.

Relax, it will be fine. A leak is gonna happen at some point, but the earth does not stop turning when that happens

If you are super duper convince, shut the valve off on the tank. The low side gauge will still read 12psi. If it’s still at 12psi in the morning you don’t have a leak. If it reads 0, you have some work to do.

If you live around a paint ball store, see about picking up a couple of small tanks. Or order a couple on ebay. And get an adapter
. Easy and inexpensive way to have a backup if you do run our on the weekend.