I'm back

hi all just got back online, sorry about not saying good bye but stuff happens. we all need some time away from it all every once in a while.

No worries… welcome back. New get your a$$ a brewin’! :lol:

Welcome back!

How long had you been gone? I haven’t been on here all that much either.

Just got online with a new smart phone and it is my only way to connect, so I’m still getting used to typing on the small screen. Lost all my equipment and I’m starting over. Going to do it bigger and better this time. Starting with building my own teir type stand and building a new mash tun. Making brew stand out of wood and using a Colman extreme 60+qt cooler for the mash. I have a friend that kegs and me and him will join forces soon. Again sorry for not replying to any of my posts, I’ve been away from the web for a while.

Hi grainy, I will be changing up my stuff and have a metal tier that will going out the door soon! Custom built… Ifn you’d be interested… Sneezles61