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I'm Back, Finally

Last year I spent most of my time searching for, buying, moving in, and updating a new house and only managed to brew 12 gallons of beer. Fortunetly, I had almost 90 gallons in the stockpile and never ran out of home brew.

I am glad to say that I have already brewed 15 gallons this year with another 12 scheduled for Saturday.


Good to see your stars back!

Did you actually use Galena in that Noti Brown? :slight_smile:

Yes, yes I did. It turned out really well and is nearly gone, it is one of the few remaining brews from pre home buying. I have maybe a gallon left in the cask.

Good to see your back. I have been slacking for the last year also, but found time to brew up 10 gals of IPA Saturday. Need to get the kegerators full.

Welcome back Greg! I noticed you were gone. Us Greg’s gotta stick together. :cheers:

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