I'm a partial mash brewer


Just wanted to say thank you for making this section, as Ive been brewing partial mash for a couple of years now.

I use a 5 gallon round beverage cooler with a steel braid ring and the cooler “sleeve” that our host sells; add 7-8 pounds of grain and batch sparging, I tend to make English and Belgian beers mostly. I understand that with a little bigger brew kettle and using my propane burner, I could make all grain batches easily, however I enjoy brewing on my stove top and probably will not step it up until I can make an electric kettle…already have all the stuff, bigger tun and whatnot, but life and work keep me from chasing that dream right now.

I consider myself to be a good judge of decent beer and I will put my beer up against anyone’s; Fermentation is right on the nuts with temps, yeast starters and simple ranching and finally to the kegs. My current grain bill is bulk Maris Otter and whatever else it takes to make the beer that I want.

Some of the recent ones:

Banana bread beer

Oatmeal pale ale

English bitter

Black current stout

Cheers and good brewing!

Banana Bread???
sounds awesome

would you care to share recipe?

Will do ekffazr, however I travel for work and should be home on Wednesday night, I’ll load the recipe up then.

I did use the extract available from NB last time, as I was uncomfortable with mashing nanners then; still turned out great.

A fellow partial mash brewer here. I’m also using a 5 gallon round cooler. Biggest mash was about 12 pounds for a barleywine, but most are 5-8 pounds of grains with the remaining gravity coming from extract. Living in a second floor apartment limits me to what I can boil on the stove, but I still make some tasty beer. Cheers!

[quote=“Ekffazr”]Banana Bread???
sounds awesome

would you care to share recipe?
:smiley: [/quote]

I’d love that recipe too, please!