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I'm a Moron #27

I keg conditioned my NB Speckled heifer for two weeks using the perscribed amount of priming sugar. Due to space constrants in my fridge this has been how I carb my kegs with no problems so far. First pours clear as a bell, no head, minimal carbonation. I then put the keg under 40lbs. of pressure for 24 hours. Bled the pressure off, and dropped the pressure down to 8lbs serving pressure. I now get 16oz.s of foam. How do I get a beer I can pour, or is this beyond help? Thanks for your help.

Disconnect the gas and vent the excess pressure out of the keg. Wait several hours and vent again. Each time before you vent pull a pint and check the carb level. Once you reach your desired carb level, reconnect the gas at serving pressure.

Please let me know do you leave it cold. or remove it from the fridge? Logic tells me more CO2 is absorbed at lower temperatures as the temp. rises CO2 is dissipated. Feel free to abuse my logic, I’ve been married 31 years you can’t hurt my feelings.

You could go either way, personnaly I would leave it cold for simplicity

Yep unhook gas and keep venting, it might go faster if you take it out of the fridge to get it vented and then hook it back up but it doesnt matter

may i also suggest if you’re willing to wait the two weeks, don’t add any priming sugar. just set the psi to 12-13 psi and let it absorb over the next two weeks and you never have to mess with the pressure and you’ll be good to go. that’s what i do and it works fine everytime.

Please note my other post in this forum concerning my procedure. I have limited space in my fridge and so in order to have a keg on deck I thought I could carb like I would if I was bottling a batch. I already have used up 2011-2013 goodwill from the boss just to drill the holes in the spare fridge so I’m not even going to put forward the suggestion that I need a chest freezer to convert to a larger keg system. I think I just screwed up this time by putting it under 40lbs. pressure to try to fix what I thought was a problem, and created abigger one.

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