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Illegible scoresheets

Anybody else seem to be getting a lot illegible score sheets? I just got some score sheets back from comps and trying to decipher the comments is hit and miss. :roll:
Judges, it helps if we can actually read the comments.

More often then not I have to drink a couple beers before I can decipher what the score sheet says. Its kind of like the drunken recall theory. The more illegible the writing, the more you need to drink to read it.

Already tried that approach.

I don’t enter comps but this is not the first time I’ve heard this. “Hard to read” is one complaint and “almost no feedback” is another. Not much help in either case.

At least they scored well.

Oh man, that better not happen. First comp starts today, submitted 2 beers. I’ll be pissed if I can’t read the comments unless I win…

Thanks for mentioning this. I’ll be helping out with stewarding at a comp tomorrow, and I’ll try to remember to look over the judges sheets for legibility, and mention it to the other stewards.


You also have to watch out for legible scoresheets where the critique does not contain any meaning and is comprised of a collection of words with no connection between them. In my experience that’s the most common type of scoresheets you get.

The judge should have added their E-mail address. Giv’em a call.

Hand written as well on some. It would be no problem for the ones using labels, but some of the hand written ones would be just as hard to read as the comments. :lol:

I think we are going to try the new BJCP score sheets in our local competition for the first round. There are a lot more check marks and less writing. There is still room to write in comments though. Has anyone used these yet and have any input? I like to give a lot of feedback, but sometimes you say a beer needs to be maltier, and they have used 5 Lbs of melanoidin malt, but their pH was off. It is sometimes hard to write accurate comments when you don’t know the recipe.

Do you know any teachers? They will be able to read it.

Or short order cooks.

My writing is generally crappy, I try my best but after a dozen sheets in a flight it can become difficult. Were they from the KCBM competition? What’d you enter? I judged there last week.

[quote=“tom sawyer”]Or short order cooks.[/quote]Or pharmacists.

More checks, less writing sounds good if it helps avoid repetitive writing. Hopefully, shorter but specific comments could increase the feedback with less words.

Sure, but if it wasn’t malty enough for the style than it wasn’t regardless of their recipe. They need the feedback. For help adjusting their recipe, they need to ask club members, or try these forums, you might even try emailing the judge with a copy of your sheet and now include the recipe.

I did try to review the legibility of the score sheets I collected, but to be honest, it’s a little tough to try to chase down the judges and ask them to re-write anything. At that point they’re tired, need to hit the washroom, get some lunch or something - they need a break. I think it would be best if we announced it at the opening - if it is fresh in their mind, they might make a little extra effort to check their hand-writing.

If you want to email the judge, and can’t read their email address, try contacting the competition organizer with your entry #- they will have the judge contact info.


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