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IIPA Too Sweet

I kegged my ipa before tasting it, and now it’s too sweet, 1.020.
That was the gravity when I brought the fermenter to 70 three weeks ago from the low 60s. Should I just take the keg to room temp for a while, or add some us05 to bring down the gravity?

All grain or extract?

All grain. Low mash temp. OG 1.085. Cultured Conan yeast.

I doubt you will be able to restart fermentation. 1.020 isn’t that high for a double ipa. It should have enough hops/ibu’s to balance the finial gravity. What was the recipe?

Edit: asked for starting gravity then noticed you already posted it :oops:

You have 76.5 apparent attunation, which sound about right.

77-78% attenuation is all I have been able to get out of my conan yeast. My current Heady Clone was 1.074 down to 1.015 and yes it is still to sweet for my tastes. Today I am getting a starter going with frozen left over wort from past IPA’s in some 1056 and pitching it into a secondary to see if it will shave off a few points. I would really like to see it at 1.012 to 1.013. I will post back in a few days and let you know how it went. If you can get your us-05 actively fermenting you will have a better chance of some added attenuation. :cheers:

Add another ounce or three of dryhops to help balance out the gravity.

My added fermentation was not successful. The beer is still sitting at 1.015, so it may be time to check my thermometer again. :frowning:

Adding simple sugars toward the end of fermentation should help keep it going in conjunction with warmer temps but it will boost your gravity of course and I’m not sure it wiould restart a stalled fermentation. For that I would have done the same as you and added an active starter. The only other thing I could think to try would be to add an active starter AND some simple sugars to limp it along.

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