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IGLOO Water Cooler Mash Tun

I need some input. I am planning on building an IGLOO 10 Gallon Mash Tun out of one of their water coolers. The other day I purchased from WalMart a 10 Gallon RED colored IGLOO Water Cooler for the conversion. Since then I have read you should use the IGLOO Commercial OSHA yellow/red industrial cooler. The info said it was built better. However, the info is too late as I already purchased the RED one. (I thought when I purchased it the only difference was the color).

That said, will I be OK using the RED IGLOO cooler I already purchased, or will I have premature problems using it? I plan to install a SS false bottom as well as a SS replacement spigot.

Thanks for any help along these lines.


You will be fine till it falls apart.

Several issues with the Non-Commerical/Industrial coolers are:

1.) They may bulge when you add hot water. You’ll know if you hear the insulation cracking and creaking when you add the hot water.

2.) The plastic used may not be up to snuff. It may not be as thick or of the same grade/type.

3.) The insulation will probably not be as thick or of the same grade.

It would really be worth your while to return that cooler and obtain the proper one, just to avoid any potential headaches.

If you can’t or don’t want to return it, then, yea, it will work; but you’ll always be questioning yourself.

    • These statements are just my opinion, and we all know what opinions are worth.

You will enjoy higher efficiencies with a blue cooler.

How long is it reasonable to expect a cooler to last a MLT? 1 year? 50 batches? I am assuming reasonable care and handling are used in maintaining the MLT.

I’ve had my 120-qt MaxCold for several years, using it every two or three weeks on average. It’s showing some wear and tear, most notable is the warping in the bottom and one hinge is cracked, about to break.

Good to know. Thanks Shade.

Sorry for the slight topic deviation Lee.

Calling Mr Conn, Mr Denny Conn…

[quote] I can tell you that after 14 years and 408 batches in the same cooler, I haven’t felt the need to go to a different system.
[/quote] ... #msg191728

That is with a standard 48qt rectangular cooler. Not the newer “extreme” style.

My only suggestion would be to look for a rectangular cooler. Usually less expensive for a grater size.

Most likely even the “heavy duty” coolers will have some plastic/insulation buckling with boiling water added. My experience is that there is no loss of performance afterwords.

Thanks guys for the input and help. This Walmart IGLOO cooler didn’t cost ans arm and leg, so based on your notes. I’m going to try using it. If it fails prematurely, I’ll rack it up to experience and buy a better one. At least I’ll be able to move the SS spigot and maybe the false bottom to a better cooler down the road. Again thanks for the help and comments.


Did I hear my name? :wink:

I have been using the same cheap rectangular 48 qt. Rubbermaid cooler for 14 1/2 years and 437 batches.

Do you put a notch in the side for every brew?

If I did, there’d be nothing left by now!

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