If you fwh

Just wondering,If you fwh and are using propane burners how long do your hops sit before you reach boil?

that’s relative to the size of the boil and how much out put your burner has. It will vary from system to system.

Mine go 30 min.

Yep - just kind of depends - how long does it take to bring your pot up to a boil? I throw mine in when I have about a half gallon of wort collected. I turn my burner on while the pot is filling. Maybe 20 minutes or so till I am at full boil?

Are you trying to figure out how to “enter” the hop addtion (as and 80 or 90 minute addition for example?) My brew software iBrewMaster has a FWH addition option for figuring IBU’s if that is what you are wondering.

I’d say anywhere from 20-30 min.

I don’t think its about the time needed to reach a boil. Its the time taken to complete the mash runoff. I pop in the FWH at the beginning of runoff and am on the heat during the entire runoff so that I might get to a boil soon after runoff is completed. So, it might be 45 to 60 minutes for me.

I ask because I brew on stovetop it takes me about an hour to get 3 gallons to boil. I realize this is much longer than most people would do. The recipes I fwh hopped turned out great I’m wondering if there could be any plus to the longer steep time? . any ideas on what effect the longer steep time would have. More Fwh’ness maybe ?