Idiot here forgot the two pounds of flaked oats in the mash

Just noticed the bag on the kitchen counter. AND–was already at 1.5 hrs in mash as a result of unanticipated trip for propane, after mash in.

I am figuring the oats will convert in only an additional 25 minutes @145 (mash temp dropped a bit over the 90 minutes, I added another 3 quarts from my reserved sparge water, only got to 145), does that sound about right?

So you eventually threw the oats in the mash? You should be fine.

At least you didn’t forget your FWH in a Rye IPA AND have a leak spring in your immersion chiller during your 40TH BREW!

Always an adventure.

after rupturing a 50’ 1/2" tubing immersion chiller that I stored “drained” in the garage where it freezes in winter, I now keep my ICs in my heated basement.

threw 'em in before I posted. Was just curious if anybody had any idea how long they’d take to convert. I did what I said I’d do–let the mash go another 25 more minutes w/ the oats–and when all was said and done I hit the expected OG on the button.

Still wonder if 10 or 15 would have been enough given that they are flaked and theoretically the sugars are more, I don’t know, accessible or something…or even if i could have just thrown em in and proceeded immediately to sparge, even.