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Identify this hop

Me and a friend picked and dried about 18 oz of these hops from a friend’s yard. The hop has four pointy leaves that are very symmetrical around the hop. There are also 2 smaller leaves between each of the four large leaves. Looking at pictures of hops, they look like they could be Nugget or Galena. I made up some hop tea with them and it was very hoppy smelling and tasting. I am going to assume they have high alpha. I plan on making a batch of SMaSH ale with 4-5 oz of them to see what they are like. The hop plant has to be very rugged because they are growing in Montana at over 6000 feet in elevation.

Any thoughts on the variety of the hop?

Nearly impossible to tell.

Based on your location, and these pictures

I would think the tip of that hop cone is quite distinctive, and likely Chinook
High Alpha are quite powerful bitter smelling, and this variety is described as having a resiny grapefruit aroma if that is true of what you’ve picked then that would clinch it.

That link you provided was the prime source I was using to try to identify the hop. I did not pay too much attention to the Chinook, but now that you mention it, there are a lot of similarities. Thanks.

Does your friend happen to live in Pony?

My dad brought me some mystery rhizomes from a yard in Pony, MT, and I’ve grown them for several years. I used them exclusively in an IPA, and they were quite similar to Chinook.

It would be an amazing coincidence if we were by chance using hops from that same plant! :cheers:

Apparently, the hops were transplanted from Georgetown Lake. Montana is a small state…you never know.

Not compared to Rhode Island. :wink:

I know. I just moved here from Rhode Island (Middletown). The county I live in is the size of RI.

Not compared to Rhode Island. :wink: [/quote]

Don’t tell that to a Rhode Islander. For most of us anything longer than a 30-minute drive requires packing an overnight bag.

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