Ideal temp for bottle conditioning an IPA

i asked someone in another thread but didnt get a response. my basement is at 64 all the time. should i move it to a room that is 68/70 degrees?

64 should work okay although you may need more time.
My basement has been in the low 60s for most of the winter and I’ve bottle conditioned a lager, a wheat beer, and a barleywine with no problem.

How long do you leave it in that climate?

Move it to 75/80F if possible.

IPA’s are best fresh. I think it’s better to condition a bit warmer just so they carb up faster.

Depends on the beer. The lager was in the cooler at 36 for 8 or 9 weeks and didn’t do much after two weeks in the bottle, but were great after two more. The barleywine (10%) spent 3 weeks in the primary and 9 weeks bulk aging before I bottled. The temp was more mid 60s at this point. I had one after two weeks and I was impressed with the nice thick head that hung around to the bottom of the glass.

This time of year my basement runs between 57-63 (perfect for most of my fermentation). I store my carbonating bottles in insulated boxes, and put a heating pad set on low on top of them. Not sure what temp I get up to, but it works. they carb in 10 days-2 weeks. Then I take the heating pad off and let them sit another week before moving them out to my ‘cold’ garage at 35-45. Works for me.