Ice in my lager!

Went to get my carboy out of the fridge to bottle my first lager. There is a chunk of ice floating at the top. Is the yeast going to be ok or should I get some dry yeast to put in the priming sugar? It has been lagering for about 6 weeks.

more like cryologic

Almost was! I think the yeast will be ok. Only a portion of the top of the carboy actually froze. Just wondering if anyone else had some guidance.

I’ve only brewed one lager, but I had the heat go out on my house while we were on vacation. Carboy was 37ºF. Yikes.

I warmed it up a touch, swirled it back into suspension and let it go for an extra week.
Beer turned out fine, but it did take 3 weeks for it to carb up in the bottles.

How many weeks in were you when it froze?

I think it just started to freeze a couple days ago. I am around 6 weeks in and plan on bottleing today.

I did two lagers this past winter. Both lagered about 6 weeks. Did get some freezing during the lagering process, no more than a skim on top. One batch I didn’t add extra yeast, the other I added 1/2 packet of generic ‘Munton’s’ yeast at bottling time. Both carbonated OK, although the one with the added yeast was quicker, 2-3 weeks vs. 4-5.