IBUs in Caribou Slobber Brown Ale?

Anyone know what the IBU is for the Caribou Slobber? Looked online as best I could–no luck. I found a formula for calculating IBUs, but it’s quite complicated, and time in the wort seems to affect the numbers, so I don’t know how accurate I could get. As this is my first batch of home brew, I’d love to use the IBUs of this batch as a baseline for future recipes.

I’m seeing a trend in the forums that NB tends to have quite hoppy recipes. Having some IBU numbers would be helpful in sorting out what “quite hoppy” means in our house.

I didn’t find a simple way to read IBU’s for the Northern Brewer Recipes either…

26-28 IBU’s. There are tons of online calculators to help out. :cheers:

Thanks Beerginer. I found a helpful site - hopville.com. It suggested an IBU of 42, which is a bit more than I expected. But the website is easy to use, tracks all ingredients, and has a data base built in so I can save recipes. Happy brewing.

Keep in mind that the boil volume greatly effects the IBUs. If you follow NBs instrustions and do a 2.5 gallon boil you’ll end up with around 27 IBUs. If you boiled 5 gallons you’d end up with around 42 IBUs

And for some reason they don’t change the hop amounts between the all-grain and extract recipes…