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IBU Ratio for Russian Imperial Stout

Taking advantage of the only sunny weekend we’ll have here in the Seattle area for the foreseeable future and brewing a RIS. The OG should come in around 1080 if I don’t screw it up and it’ll have an SRM around 50. All I have for hops today is 2 oz of 13% Nugget. Will this be enough? Too much? I’m not really sure what to shoot for here…

I made an OG: 100 , IBU: 100 RIS last summer, and it’s just right. Balance is perfect.

Of course, you OG:IBU balance all depends on your attenuation (less attenuation = sweeter). >>> IMO don’t wanna use too much ‘specialty’ malts that will not ferment out. I used 1 lb roast barley, 1 lb choc malt, 8 oz victory malt, 1 lb crystal malt; and mashed at 149F. 20lb total grist bill. ended up with a 10%abv.

That much nugget will give you about 85 IBUs which I’d think would be just about perfect for a 1.100 OG RIS.

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