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Ibrewmaster for android

just downloaded it, trying to put my brews in and i’m noticing some problems.

  1. when I try to type in my hop additions, it defaults to days not mins. even when I try to set them to mins. no my nuggets haven’t been boiling for 60 days.

  2. my actual gravity readings will either be identical to the calculated est og (which it isn’t because the recipe i bought has some mistery liquid adjunct extract not in ibrewmaster’s db) or just default to 1.000.

am I doing something wrong or is it just glitchy because it’s a version 1 droid app?

Probably just glitchy. This is the problem with android in general, thousands and thousands of incomplete, non-debugged apps that should never have been released. I’d delete it and move on…

is that a free app? I feel like I saw that the other day and they wanted like $10 for it? If it has that many bugs I’d demand my money back from the Dev.

I don’t use ibrewmaster for android (I have it for iphone) and think it is a great program and worth trying to figure it out. First thing I would is delete the program and reinstall it (once it is backed up of course). That makes sure the bugs aren’t coming from a bad install (happens sometimes). I would also try going to and contact them. Their forum is mostly useless, but I contacted the designer when I had some questions about the program (and a few suggestions). He is a really nice, super helpful guy and got back to me in less than 24 hours.

I emailed them yesterday they got back to me right away. it’s a version 1 and they are still figuring out all the bugs and such.

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