I would like to try BIAB kit with all grain

I’m going to finish modifying my 20 gallon pot today in anticipation of my first 12gallon biab this weekend. I put my spigot about 1" as mentioned above. I also put on an elbo for dip tube and it drains most of the wort. I’m switched that to a bazooka tube to screen out the break material. I have a large strainer basket that I plan on making some feet out of stainless bolts to hold it up off the bottom above the bazooka tube. This way I can add heat if I want to. I have a thermometer that I may stick in if this system works, right now I have a hole in the lid for a long stem thermometer. My plan right now is to lift the strainer by the handle and rest it across to pieces of wood to drain and sparge. What a great hobby.

Thank you for the replies. I have just measured a large heavy bottomed stainless steel chef’s pot I picked up years ago. It holds just under 17 gallons of water. I plan on drilling whole 2 inches from the bottom for a spigot . I would like to a some type of thermometer if possible. Any recommendations for a a non weld spigot and temp gauge would be appreciated.[/quote]

I can’t tell one to use but don’t buy a Bayou Classic thermometer. Mine came with the pot and it so damned inaccurate that I have decided to simple remove it and plug the hole. I’m purchasing a 62 qt basket to hold my grain bag when I brew a double batch. Not sure if you saw my other post, but I brewed a choc milk stout over the weekend and the efficiency was better than expected (above what you would get fly sparging) I am now a solid believer in sparging BIAB … you might want to consider a digital where you can stick the probe in the pot? Also what I found with the in pot thermometer is that it gets in the way a lot. Makes whirlpooling a bit more difficult (not impossible) also if you ever did want to use a basket you couldn’t. If I were buying my pot again I never would have bought it with the built in thermometer.