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I won't make you drink it, if you don't like it

Had a few of the wife’s family over a couple of days ago. This supper party was supposed to happen a month ago but things happened. We were serving king crab legs with pseudo Red Lobster style biscuits.

I had wanted to serve NBs’ Spotted Cow clone, Speckled Heifer, with the meal. I noticed a unusual flavor with the beer after it was in the bottle a week. Sort of a tang at the back of the tongue. Thought I may have over done the brewing water pH adjustment with phosphoric acid. Fearing the worst I picked up a twelve pack of Spotted Cow. To me after a couple more weeks of conditioning the off flavor seemed to have disappeared.

Started the before supper tasting with the Speckled Heifer and then to go on with the Spotted Cow. Wife’s brother in-law asked if it would be okay to dump the beer he had just poured. Said it had a funny taste. I won’t make someone drink a beer if they don’t like it. So he dumped the Spotted Cow and poured another Speckled Heifer.


WOW, I do understand that not all peeps enjoy what you do, or others for that matter… I would have put a top of some sort on it and saved it. I am kinda funny and like to serve in a glass. Sometimes it can return to the mix without a problem. Sneezles61

Nice one… I generally don’t do clones, but it must be a great feeling to win out on freshness like that.

You may want to keep an eye out for distressed Fat Squirrels wandering around muttering " Uff-Da ". :slight_smile:

Well done!

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