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I want to brew someone else's recipe

Here is what I have on hand
10 lbs breiss 2 row
10 lbs Munich 10
3 lbs pilsner
1lbs biscuit
1 lbs melanoidin malt
1/2 lb caramunich
1 lbs Vienna
1lbs special b
1 lbs carafa 3
1 lbs victory
1 lbs aromatic
6 oz Kent golding
4 oz Saaz
6 oz hallertau
8 oz tettnang
2 oz northern brewer
7 oz crystal

Are you wanting us to give recipes for those ingredients?

No AA specified for hops but shoot for 25-30AA.

O.G. ~1.052
F.G. ~1.013
ABV 5.0
IBU 25

9lbs 2 Row
.75lb Vienna
.25lb Biscuit or Victory

1oz Tettnang @ 60
1oz Tettnang @ 10

Mash @ 153 for 60.

British Ale 1335 or Wyeast 1450.

I would use the pils and some of the munich to make a bohemian pilsner. Use the Saaz hops and maybe some of the hallertau to get to 40 IBU. It will be darker than a traditional pils, but will be pretty good. I recently made one that was mainly Pils (7.5 lbs pils/2 lbs Munich) and all Saaz hops that turned out damn tasty. With this much munich, it will be dark gold…almost amber maybe.

3 lbs Pils
6.5 lbs Munich

2 oz Saaz @ 60
2 oz hallertau @ 20
1 oz Saaz flameout

W34/70 yeast

Thanks for the replies guys and yes I want to see what recipes you all could come up with the stuff I have on hand… I right now I have four empty kegs and want to brew some recipes that my brewing friends might brew. It does seem that many are afraid to post their recipes here and I’m not sure why. I do thank you both for the recipes. I hope to maybe see some more from other brewers here. Have emtpty kegs to fill.

8 lbs 2row
2 lbs Munich
1 oz carafa 3

Northern brewer @ 60 min to 30 ibu
1 oz kent Golding 5min
1 0z Kent Golding 0min

Wlp 002

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