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I want something with Oatmeal

Can anyone recommend an extract kit or extract recipe that incorperates oatmeal? I looked through the extract kits and did not really see one, so maybe one of you might know what I can do.

Oatmeal must be mashed; You may find an extract batch that uses it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. :cheers:

I made the partial mash Oatmeal Stout and it was wonderful. Just about to empty the keg and I am always amazed how good it is.

Partial mash was a breeze using the “brew in bag” method

I guess I need to stop being lazy and start mashing!

Attaboy! There’s your new years resolution right there!

You can also do a mini ceareal mash on the stove. Place a pound or so of old fashioned oats in a hop bag and bring to a boil on the stove in about 1/2 gal of water. Bringing to a boil helps geletanize any oats that didn’t convert when being rolled. Only a minute is required for the boil. Hang the bag over the pot in a strainer until most of the liquid drains out. Then add this “oat-tea” to your extract boil. I normally just mash them, but this works great for extract or if you screw up and forget to throw them in the mashtun. It’s hard to really overdo it with oats IMO. I’ve used several pounds in a 6 gal batch with good results.

Just get a partial mash kit. He really isn’t anymore difficult then extract and you will probably love the difference in your beer. After doing one partial mash I had to ask myself why I wasn’t doing all grain and then I was.

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