I think I'll share

This winter I brewed a rum ball porter that I kegged. When I kegged it I wasn’t sure it was completely fermented but I was tired of waiting on the Notty yeast. I figured what the hay it’s going in the keggerator no problem . Well I had more than what would fit in the keg so I filled two 1ltr flip tops and threw in two fiz drops :roll: . Needless to say I had some cleanup to do, good thing the wife was at work. Another good thing is I was able to capture about a half glass the smell was awesome and the taste was fantastic. Can’t wait to brew this one again, this time I’ll wait it out.

If homebrewing has taught me anything it’s how to be patient :mrgreen:

so, I wonder what ifn you were to have left your keg out fer a couple of more weeks next time. You said it was sweet, ferment not done, IMHO, yeast can take its time, sometimes. :blah: Sneezles61

It probably would have carbonated and been ready to drink in a month or two. Maybe I’ll try that. I don’t remember if it was you or someone else told me they keg their beer at .020 and let them finish and carb in the keg cask style.