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I think I screwed up

Hello! First time brewer here!

So when I went to transfer the wort into the 1 gallon fermentation tank, I kind of sucked up almost if not all of the hop-malt sludge because I am sure I didn’t syphon it properly.But it looks like fermentation is off to a good start. So I am now worried that my beer will not turn out as it should and if it doesn’t, I will try again!

Also this should probably be for another board but during the boiling process I lost a lot of water. I was wondering if I should add more when I do go brew again. I lost about an inch to two inches of water.

Assuming you are doing an extract, yes go ahead and top it off. I wouldn’t worry about that sludge either, while some may fret over it, most people dump it right in their fermentor. I usually toss it right in and I don’t have any issues and my beers are often crystal clear.

+1 to mppatriots

Thanks you! Yeah I was used extract. But I will top it off then when I do any other extract because well, I want a gallon of beer, not 3/4 of a gallon!

As an experiment, measure out and boil 1 gallon for 60 minutes, then cool and measure. Let us pretend that you end up with 3 quarts and a cup of water after the boil, that is 0.8125 gallons. Divide 1 by amount measured to tell you how much water you need at the begining to end up with 1 gallon of wort at the end of a 1-hour boil (in my example, 1/0.8125 = 1.23, or 5 quarts). Of course, you will need a 2.5-gallon or larger pot to avoid boil-overs…

Don’t sweat the trub. Whether we like it or not, it is part of the beer. It settles with your yeast during fermentation so it is easy to rack clean brew to a bottling bucket. My boil kettle has a dip tube that pulls all kinds of sludge. I don’t filter it, screen it or anything else, it all goes directly in the primary, and doesn’t give me cloudy beer or bad flavors. :cheers:

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