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I think I need more hops

So my wife is designing some recipes now and I have ingredients for a brew tomorrow. She picked out 4 hops based on their descriptors and what she likes in a beer. For some reason I just think we need more. Here’s the recipe:

6# Marris Otter
6# Golden promise
3# Flaked oats
1# Honey malt
Using RO water with 8g each of NaCl and Gypsum
1oz Galaxy @ 60
1oz Mandarina Bavaria - WP
2oz Amarillo - WP
2oz Golden hop hash - WP
1oz Mandarina Bavaria - DH
2oz Amarillo - DH
2oz Golden hop hash - DH

Any ideas or suggestions for this would be great. I have lots of different hops on hand and would be able to add or sub just about anything. I only have 2 oz of the Mandarina though and I wish I had more. She likes a citrusy, juicy ipa but not grapefruit.

Well, in general it’s wise to keep SWMBO happy, so I’d go with her recipe, and then adjust based on how this batch turns out.

She also put 3 packs of orange peel in our cart at the LHBS…

For a beer like that I would just use 2-row. I don’t think your going to taste the malt. It looks like a neipa recipe. I would add some Chrystal malt also. What yeast ?

Citra is better for this purpose than all these other IMO. But Citra is in everything so maybe you’re done with it. I disagree about adding crystal since you have honey malt in there. I’m taking a break from both crystal and honey for a while. I also rarely skip the flavoring times because I think it adds a more well rounded hop profile and because, well, I’m just standing around watching a boiling pot.

Well I think if you mash the honey malt it will be fermentable as Chrystal will not. If you steep the honey malt it will act more like a Chrystal malt. That’s my understanding anyway. I guess it depends on what you are trying to achieve

Really, looks like you’ll have a good NEIPA* there. Plenty of hops.

*1 or 2 dry hops? 1st early in fermentation?

I suspect u mean cacl io nacl?

@brewcat I primarily use 2 row in all recipes but this is not mine. The grains are bought and crushed so this was more about hop additions really. She had c40 in the last brew but decided to go with just honey this time and I will be mashing with it, not steeping. She wanted a bit more of a mouthfeel on this one as the last was a bit thin. I’m using 3rd gen 1318 which I’ve really liked in my last 2 brews.

@squeegeethree I was thinking the same thing. I do have a bunch of Citra but I don’t know how it would play with the hops already chosen. I also didn’t want to bitter with a pricey hop like Galaxy. I try to let her design the recipes and only step in if it’s totally off the wall.

@voodoo_donut I only planned on 1 dry hop at the moment but I can order some more hops to be here by the time for a 2nd because I have only 2 ounces of the Mandarina. I’ve yet to do the early dry hop but I’ve been wanting to try that. Yes Cacl, sorry!

Good catch Voodoo… I was going to chime in… what on earth do you want that much salt in a brew? So brewman, you and your wife aren’t to worried about hazy looking brews? I’m not so the oats creating haziness wouldn’t bother me… Oats also create a very creamy brew… I haven’t tried DH’ing while the yeast was somewhat active… yet, it sure seems to be a viable reason… allowing the yeast to consume the O2 the yeast will bring in with it…
I will be curious as how you and your wife’s tasting notes will turn out… Sneezles61

Haha, I like salt but that’s above and beyond. Yes, we’re going for the haze! She will always try my brews whether home brew or commercial but hasn’t really liked any until we went to Tree House for the 1st time last year. Now it’s no problem scheduling the 6 hour trip so that is awesome. The early dry hop does make sense so maybe I will go for it this time. I’m very curious myself and I will definitely keep y’all posted

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I get alot of free tree house since a friend goes once a week and I once went with him and stood 8n the line for him I got a glass an a free lunch for my trouble. Only a little over an hour from me. Imade a Julious clone and I like the bright offerings. Some of there brews are a little much for me though. Not sure I’d drive 6 hrs for a brewery

I’d never drive 6 hours just for the beer but you add some lobstah rolls, some trillium, some Boston history and sightseeing and I’m in. Living an hour away would be so dangerous. My last trip there I got 6 cases at Tree House alone. Alter Ego and Green are my faves but everything there is super solid. Started trading, which I said I’d never get into

So I opened this package of hop hash and wow, didn’t expect a ball of resin! I mean I’ve seen and tasted pot hash so I should’ve guessed but for some reason this caught me off guard.

Honey malt gives a distinctive sweet honey flavor when mashed. It’s great, until it’s not, and then you cannot escape it. 1# is what I used to use as well. I think half a pound is the way to go for me.

Well I’m 10 minutes into the whirlpool and it smells amazing! No doubt we have some citrus going.

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