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I think I messed up OG measuring


I am new to this brewing thing and I just got my first must done earlier today.

According to hydrometer OG was 1.075. But I think that the sugar was not mixed well enough. How can I calculate OG after it’s already bubbling?

I have following stuff:

4 litre jar
1 litre apple juice sugar 9.3g /100ml
0.37 litre blueberry juice sugar 8,4g/100ml
500g brown sugar
570g honey
230g white sugar
Rest of the space filled with water

I tried to use some sites but I got confused because I’m not so sharp with this


First, welcome! This is a fun hobby, should you stick with it, then these math problems become easier… So with that out of the way, I don’t know what the potential for your starting gravity with hunting down possible gravities…
The first ingredient… Apple juice, 1 litre, THEN ADDED sugar at the rate of 9.3 to each 100 ml?

Both juices are just with natural sugars from the fruits themselves. But I thought it would be a good thing mention all sugars I know there is Nothing added in the juices… Except Apple juice had ascorbate.

And, thank you for being so nice and welcoming. This seems to be a very nice hobby. I just hope I don’t mess this up.

Welcome to the fun hobby. What. Should be the orginal og of your recipy. If you think to high. You can dilute with water. Brewers friend. Has some easy to use. Calculators. Or just. After active fermenting. Take several. Gravity. Reading. Over several days. And take. A taste. Sample. If reading the same. Your. Brew ready. Let it stand longer to condition. Or transfer to secondary. If you plan to dry hop. Dont get confused about using. Beer formulas. It get much easier. Over time. And dont over think. But most of all when in doubt. Ask questions. And read books.

I don’t know what it starting gravity should be. But I thought it would be higher than 1.075 based on the sugars/water ratio I added. It might be correct. But I think it’s possible that sugar wasn’t completely dissolved in the must.

I thought it would be 1.1** something. But it’s just what I think based on other brewing stuff. This is my first must and I don’t know much

But then again most people I follow use US gallon. Which is little smaller than 4 litre. So it might confuse me too

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Since I don’t flip betwixt the metric and imperial scales, that becomes an area I don’t know too well either…
I’d say to accept the OG…(original gravity) and learn from it… next time, mixing to get all the sugar into the solution before a reading… It will ferment with good yeast…
Now try keep the must about 65*F until the air lock slows down… then let it go to room temp… assuming you don’t live next to the North Pole!

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1,05 gallons of must

1.25 lbs honey
1.69 lbs sugar
2.07 lbs sugar from the apple juice 0,26 gallon
0.06 lbs sugar from blueberry juice 0.097 gallon

Rest is water and one tea bag

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Life, like brewing, is like a river. it is never the same thing twice. I hate to tell you but you will never get an answer.

Out point IS not to get the answer, but to pose the best questions. My advice is to add the yeast, keep it in a cool and dark place, if you are using cider or wine yeast, you should ferment until 0.99 or o.95 SG for your final. Test the SG twice a week after the 10 days, if it stops at about 1.025, then add more yeast, perhaps some yeast nutrient, and give the bottle a good thrashing to get some air in there.

Once you are done, just taste it,… if it is too strong add less sugar or more water next time.

If you really want to try to figure out your OG go here: create a free account and make a recipe that duplicates what you did… they have been ingredients, its not great at cider but it is close.

Try to enjoy the mystery,



The art of brewing Its like in search of the holy grail Me not brewing Due to surgery Did hook a new keg of stout yesterday Well not me My son in law. Kind of weird. Been brewing. Stout For at least 60 times Same recipy But now. Different taste. Still. Good. Brew But i did notice Some. Vanilla flav not there. Most important. They do like the stout.

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