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I think I have a leak

I’m still kinda new to kegging. Right now I’m trying to force carb two kegs one beer and the other is soda. I hook the co2 connect fill with 30psi and disconnect. Yesterday I hooked up co2 again and I could hear the co2 going back into the keg, so I think I have a leak. I sprayed all connections and the lid with water/starsan, nothing bubble up. Any ideas

you mean you could hear it going back into the tank? It might just be heading back into the line, especially if you turned your regulator down.

I didn’t turn anything down. It sounds like when fill a empty keg.

Most likely the CO2 in the keg went into the beer / soda and the pressure equalized. I doubt you have a leak unless it happens day after day after day.

CO2 in the headspace will dissolve into the liquid, of course; this is what you want to happen. The quantity/rate at which it dissolves into the liquid is temperature dependent. If you only operated as described–filled the headspace, only, with CO2 and then disconnected–then I’d say it’s likely your gas has dissolved into the liquid, at least partially, leaving you with headspace availability.

I wouldn’t worry just yet. If you left the gas connection on the keg and came back a day later with an empty tank, then yes, that’d be a leak. Or, if you filled an empty keg to 30 PSI and then came back and it was empty, then yes, that’d be a leak, too. Or, if you hook up any keg, full or empty, and gas continues to flow non-stop, then yes, that’s a leak, too. With what you have described, it’s hard to tell.

Thanks guys, guess I was just overthinking it

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