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I swear Hun that keg kit must have been free!

Well there you have it, magically a keg kit will be on my doorstep in the near future. Like i said honey, it was a freebie.

Damn women are so untrusting!


It is much easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission. :wink:

Plus I feel like I got a pretty good deal. I got the keg, the regulator and hoses, and shipping for under $100.

Not if you have bills to pay :slight_smile:

Man…only 1 batch bottled and you give up on it?

I wish I could justify the keg stuff. Not only do you need a keg then of course you need a fridge…How are you going to explain that one? LOL

MP: Where did you get it from?

I just got in two new kegs this week myself. Up to five now. I will not be telling the girlfriend about them. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

I usually start mentioning an inflated cost of an item for a while. Then when I do find a deal on one it seems to be a smoking deal that I can’t pass up.

99% success rate…

I’ve got a system on the way for my birthday (Sunday). My wife is on board. It’s funny b/c she doesn’t have much room to talk. I walk through the house and notice a new plate, picture, figuring etc. I say, “that looks new. and she says, oh no, it’s been there for a long time. I say, honey, I quit smoking dope a long time ago, my memory is back to normal. She says I’m mistaken.” And around it goes. She funnels things into the house all the time. I call her Harriet Tubbman :wink:

I have not given up on bottling, I will still bottle, just less. Plus I already have the brew fridge.

I also talk up crazy prices and then introduce the hot deal!

Like someone else said, i see packages arrive from Victoria Secret all the time, so i’m probably still behind the wife on purchases.

Harriet Tubman; that’s great! We make our weekly grocery and Target run but inevitably by girlfriend winds up back at Target without me for something we missed and comes home with shoes, cloths or some dumb household item we don’t need.

Anyways, welcome to the big time on the kegging. It will be the best thing to ever happen to you that first time you rack a beer into it and finish the process in about five minutes thinking to yourself “is that really all there is to it”?

Last month I aquired:

1 converted keg brewing kettle w/ball valve, thermometer, and false bottom
1 5 gal cooler w/false bottom
2 6 gal bottling buckets
2 6 gal fermenting bucket
2 5 gal glass carboy w/handles
2 immersion chillers for 5 gal kettle size
1 immersion chiller for 10+ gal kettle
4 5 gal corny keg + fittings
1 3 gal corny keg + fittings
1 5 lb CO2 tank
1 20 lb CO2 tank
1 dual head regulator
1 beer thief, racking canes, hydrometer, assorted fermentation locks, …

All for $400 (used of course)

Best of all: My wife found it on craigslist for me!
Am I living in Beer Heaven or what!?!

My wife and I just agree on a “Beer budget” for me at the beginning of the year to spend as I see fit… so there are no issues when I want to jump on a deal, as long as there is money in the budget that year.

I have a deal with my wife. She spends $80 a month on hair appointments, I shave my own head and get $80 a month to spend on things I would like to have.

Sounds fair and better than her shaving her head right? Win win :cheers:

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