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I Now Have a LHBS!

Well, sort of. A small homebrew store opened in a town 15 miles away. Not a huge selection, they carry LD Carlson stuff and dry yeast only at this point. But its a start and I hope the guy does well enough to expand. I went there for the first time yesterday, it is in with his wife’s crystal/incense/hippie type stuff. Cool combo if you ask me, and probably takes the pressure off the need to pay the rent off the brewing/winemaking supplies.

I’ve told the wife we should start a homebrew/quilting shop (her hobby and mine) in retirement. That way husband and wife can both enjoy the trip. Of course my free homebrew samples might make the quilts come out a little crazy.

Good deal. Support and advise. Maybe they’ll expand. My LHBS has the same size shop, but more inventory since I started 15 yrs. ago. He’s also a great guy.

But don’t necessarily rely on his advice…we have horror stories of guys opening brewshops and giving some pretty BS advice. Hopefully, he will get you what you want and be a fair deal. That is great when you can find it.

I just found out yesterday that there’s one 2 miles from my house! It’s been there for years, it’s in the guys garage with a small sign off on a little traveled side street. I stopped in today and visited for a while, he has a pretty good selection and his prices are only a little higher than on line.

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