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I need recipe advice

So I was set to brew a dusseldorf alt bier, only problem is my yeast is now bad due to an infection.
Here is my ingredient list;

55lb Best Malz Pilsner
14lb Munich
7lb Vienna
7lb Crystal 40
2lb Chocolate

3.5 Magnum 60 min
3.5 Perle 20 min
7.0 Mt Hood 0 min flameout

Est. SRM: 17 Est. IBU’s: 36-38 Est. O.G.: 1.051

Its a 35 gallon batch, so when your yeast goes bad, you dont just run out and buy 16-17 vials of white labs. It will take me weeks to build up the needed yeast to make what I had originally planned happen.

So my question is this; With the grain bill that you see up there, where would you take this with the yeast’s that I have at my disposal? I currently have enough Cal Ale yeast, West Yorkshire Ale yeast, or Old Bavarian Lager to make this happen. I am leaning toward going with a lager? I am willing to tweak the hops of course, but the grain has been ground and it is no longer separated…so that’s GOING to be my grain bill? Any advice would be much appreciated.

I think the Cali ale yeast would work, its clean and attenuates well. So would the lager, but the ale would get you there with a lot less hassle. Plus an alt is an ale. Ferment cool and give it plenty of time to drop clear.

I agree with Lennie, go with the Cali yeast. I split a 10 gallon batch of pale ale last year, I used 1007 in one and 1056 in the other both fermented @ 58°, it was hard to tell them apart. It was probably too hoppy of a beer to make a good comparison though.

Wow you keep a lot of yeast on hand. How do you keep that all healthy and ready to go?

I keep at least six different yeasts on hand by putting yeast cake in one-cup sized jelly jars. They can be used to make a starter as long as three months after you put them in the frig. I’ll use them straight for up to a month.

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